Anti-Social Behavior

Addressing problems with neighbours

Most problems between neighbours can be sorted out privately, before you make a formal complaint. Where appropriate, you can try to resolve the issue by talking to them in the first instance. The ASB Help website has lots of useful suggestions on how to do this. If this isn’t possible or doesn’t work, please report the behaviour to us. Don’t put yourself at risk.

Report ASB to us

Report it online or call us on 0115 9166066. You can also report ASB in person at contact page or by writing to us.

When we’ll get back to you

This depends on the severity of the incident reported.

Crime (Grade 1) – one working day (or next working day after a weekend or bank holiday) These problems include any imminent threats to personal safety including violence or threats of violence, drug dealing, and criminal activity involving violence or assault, domestic abuse, racial and all hate-related harassment, serious damage to property, all hate-related incidents including abusive graffiti.

Noise (Grade 2) – we will investigate cases within 5 working days when our threshold is met. We will initially encourage customers to try and resolve noise nuisance from neighbours between themselves and advise customer to report excessive noise to their local council’s environmental health team. We will try to work with the local environmental health service who have statutory powers to tackle noise nuisance and serve abatement notices on those responsible for the noise.

Other forms of ASB (Grade 3) – we will investigate other cases of ASB within 5 working days when our threshold is met.