Renting through local authorities

How it works: choice-based lettings

  • Submit an application form via your Local Authority - choose your authority from the links below.
  • Once your application has been approved, you will receive a bidding reference and a banding priority.
  • All available social housing properties in the area you are registered will be listed either online or in a newspaper for one or two weeks. During this time, you can bid for up to three properties you are eligible for.
  • Details of the applicant(s) are passed to our Housing Officers. This may be a single application or a short-list of applications.
  • The applicant with the highest priority will be contacted by telephone and in writing to make a provisional offer. You will need to complete an application form, which will allow us to gather information regarding your household, your housing history, and your individual housing needs, and we will carry out an affordability assessment. This will be followed by landlord reference checks, and housing benefit assessments (where appropriate).
  • Once we are happy with the information collected, we will contact you to make a formal offer of accommodation and arrange for a date to view and sign the tenancy agreement.

We may not offer a property if the applicant has a history of, or is at risk of:

  • Anti-social behavior
  • Damaging property
  • Rent arrears at a previous or current property