Reports and Accounts

Date published: 13th July 2017

Tuntum is funded almost entirely by the rent that our tenants pay, so we place great emphasis on working efficiently and achieving value for money in all that we do.

We produce a Value for Money statement every year, which provides our tenants, stakeholders and regulator with a comprehensive overview of how we spend our money efficiently and effectively to provide the best services at the best price for our residents.

The Value for Money Report covers:

  • our strategic approach to value for money
  • highlights of progress in achieving value for money during the financial year 2015/16
  • value for money and customers
  • achieving value for money through efficient management of our assets
  • the scrutiny of value for money
  • value for money targets for 2016/17

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) on the 28th September 2016 approved both the Value for Money Statement, and the statement of Accounts, both of which you can read below.