Tuntum Housing Association

We provide good quality, affordable homes across the East Midlands for people in housing need, who may be on low incomes, living in poor quality or unsafe housing, or have other difficulties.

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Nottingham Refugee Week 2018

Tuntum is proud to be supporting Nottingham Refugee Week 2018, 16th-23rd June. Refugee Week in Nottingham is an act of welcome, a gesture of solidarity and a shared celebration. It exists both to raise awareness of the reasons why people are forced to seek refuge – persecution, war, poverty and
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Data Protection

You may have seen GDPR mentioned a lot in the news (and in your emails!) recently. The General Data Protection Regulation comes from EU legislation and gives organisations new rules on how they collect, store and use personal data. As your landlord, we hold personal data about you, and we
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Hold your horses

We know you’d like your issues resolved as soon as possible – so would everyone! Some emergency issues need to be dealt with instantly, and some routine enquiries are not time-critical. We prioritise all the enquiries we receive so that we can respond to the most urgent first. When you
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Your common queries SOLVED: how to change a bathroom light bulb

All our bathrooms are fitted with 2D light bulbs as standard. It is your responsibility to change the light bulbs when needed. Step 1: Turn off the light at the wall. Step 2: Remove the cover, either by taking out the screws (remembering to support the cover), or by gently pushing the
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